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RevSports Class


Classes are instruction-based, non-competitive, and age-appropriate to develop players at all ability levels.

  • Each seasons meets once a week for 4-6 sessions (weeks)
  • Class duration is 30 or 45 minutes with multiple age groups back-to-back
  • Sessions begin with creative instruction to teach fundamental skills, focusing on a topic that builds from previous
  • Every session involves active games and ends with a scrimmage
  • Coaches use a natural progression to teaching the sport


TotStars is an entry-level, parent/child program.TotStars classes are great opportunities for your toddler to explore their new and developing motor skills in a social setting.

Parents/guardians are expected to be fully present and engaged with their player throughout the class while instructors provide fun yet basic structure and activities for these tots to practice social skills, listening, and most importantly, having fun!


PreStars is an entry-level parent-child program. This non-competitive, sport introduction is a movement skills program for parents/guardians to help their little player explore and develop their inter-personal and motor skills. 

Parents/guardians are expected to stay close to their player to help them become comfortable socially, understand activities, and interpret directions from the instructor.


KinderStars is an entry-level parent/child program. This non-competitive, sport introduction is a movement skills program for parents to help their little player become more independent through improving their inter-personal and motor skills.

Parents/guardians are encouraged to stay close as players become more independent and involved in some of the class activities.


MiniStars is a non-competitive foundational skills program for players to become more confident through improving players' inter-personal and motor skills. 

Players are involved independently from their parents, but we encourage parents to be present and engaged. Parents are encouraged to be close during scrimmages, but encouraged to cheer (not instruct) during scrimmages so players can apply learning on their own.


MightyStars is a non-competitive fundamental skills program for players to advance their individual skills in a class environment. Kids are at different levels, but activities and instructions are created for players at all levels.


SkillStars is a fundamental and personal skills development class. This class is open to all experience levels.  Instructors teach sport-specific skills in manner that encourages development and understanding of sportsmanship and healthy, respectful competition.